Thursday, June 9, 2011

Kid's Room Artwork

have a small stash of things I pick up at Goodwill here and there.  Mostly chunky picture frames, and a few other home decor items to rotate around.  When I made this project, my three little kids shared a room and their walls needed some artwork.
It started with this picture $2 from Goodwill:

I removed the back (it had a dust cover so I ripped it off), and took out the picture.  I decided to use the back of the picture to glue my project onto because it was a nice sturdy cardboard. 

I got out a nicely sized set of alphabet stamps, a couple pieces of scrapbook paper (I LOVE stripes), some white paper and some ink pads that went well with the stripes.

After taping off the glass, I took my free paint from Glidden that I got a while back (True Turquoise) and painted the frame.  No sanding or any prep, just painted it with two coats.

Then I got the stamps out.  In a very calculated mathematical way, I began stamping. 

hahaha  OK, what I actually did was just stamped as many letters as I could across the paper.  I got 10 letters across, so figured if I did 10 more across the bottom that would leave 6 for the middle.  So that's what I did!  For the striped paper, I had to piece two papers together to get the size I needed.  That's one reason I chose the stripes, because you can't see the piecing. I also matted the white paper onto a dark teal cardstock.  (also pieced together)  I distressed the frame a bit and voila!

Here it is all finished!  I think it came out so cute, and you can't beat 2 bucks!!!

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