Sunday, November 13, 2011

Dishwasher Soap

I have been so frustrated with my dishes lately!!  I run my dishwasher once a day, and have been using Shaklee's dishwasher detergent powder.  LOVE it.  Well, I ran out and was at Costco so got some Cascade action paks, which I have used in the past with great success.  Not this time-I have had serious white residue on my dishes every time I wash them.  Yuck!!

Enter new idea...  I read on a blog (maybe Grocery Shrink?  wish I could remember for sure, sorry!!) that the gal ran out of dishwasher detergent and the only other non-sudsing soap she had on hand was her homemade laundry soap.  This clicked on a light in my head, and I thought, "Hey-I have homemade laundry soap, too!  I should try it!"  Well I did, and it worked!!!  I ran a load of dishes and they came out clean with NO yucky residue!!!

I am going to return the rest of my Cascade to Costco tomorrow and keep using my laundry soap in the dishwasher.  Anyone out there use something in the dishwasher they love?

Update:  the homemade soap worked a couple of times, then started leaving a buildup as well.  I purchased some Lemi-shine, a product I have heard great things about.  When I add this to the soap, it works much much better.  It still irks me to have to add so much stuff.  Why isn't it just cleaning as well as it was before?  grrrrr