Sunday, June 5, 2011

Before and After: barstools

had some barstools at my counter that I got at Walmart for cheap. They were the really cheap round top, no back type. Well, I felt they were ok for adults but with all the little people around here, the last thing I wanted was someone falling off a stool and busting their head open. I kept my eyes open on Craigslist because my budget was...well, as low as possible. I found this set of four stools for $25--TOTAL! Yes, I know they are all southwestern-y looking, and they were too tall, but they were very sturdy and I knew they would do well with a face lift. And-how could I pass up 25 bucks for 4 STOOLS?? They were actually stools from Sears when they had a cosmetic counter. I love stuff that has a story.

Stools before:

Stools after:

I just cut the legs off at the bottom to the right height, spray painted the wood, and put some plastic thingys on the bottom so they don't scratch the floor. I have plans for the vinyl seats, but now that the wood is black the color doesn't bother me so much anymore. That can wait. I have more projects to work on...

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