Thursday, September 15, 2011

Gift Idea

Last week my younger girls were invited to their cousin's 9th birthday party.  We were short on funds to buy a present, so I went through my stash of craft supplies and put together a crafting kit for the birthday girl.  What 9 year old girl doesn't love crafting, and especially with her very own stuff.
Here is what we put in her package:

There is patterened paper, solid cardstock, a small mat stack, some alphabet stickers, card sized envelopes, a ziploc full of embellishments, a craft stick wound with several different types of ribbon, and a plastic pouch to keep it all in.

For the embellishments I included paper flowers, brads, buttons, and some punched cardstock shapes.  I was going to add a glue stick but forget.  Oops!

She LOVED it (and will have to hide it from her mom, because she loved it, too!).  I will definitely use this idea again!!  (and it helps clear out my stash, too!) :)

What great "re-cycled" gift ideas do you have?

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