Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Pots and lids

I have a problem in my pot and pan cupboard.  It looks like this:

In my current house, my cabinet space is limited.  So except for my really big stock pots, this is all my pots and pans.  The lids are everywhere, just tossed in which makes for a very messy cupboard.  I could just buy one of those lid holder things and fix this problem.  But with a budget of zero for this project, that wasn't an option.
Here is my solution:

(sorry-I didn't realize ALL my pics came out so blurry!!)
I saw this idea on Miller's Grain House and knew I could use it!  I had some wide elastic, some thumbtacks and a hammer.  That's all you need!  You just nail a strip (or as many as you need, I did two) of elastic across the door of your cabinet, hang the lids in there, and voila!

Now my cabinet looks much better and it's so much easier to work with.  Do you have a good solution for your lids?

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